Sustainable pulp-based
packaging for pharmaceuticals

Made from pulp and fully recyclable

Bio-Packaging for sustainable pharmaceutical visions

From an individual to large corporates, everyone is responsible for change of our sustainable future.
Massive amount of single use plastic packages and components are used for pharmaceutical devices. Reduction of usage of plastic material and of CO2 emissions during the product life cycle are emerging subject in pharmaceutical industry.

Our new generation pulp-based packaging and components are now ready to offer in full scale production. Pulp-Injection can realize true design flexibility, functionality, and sustainability altogether in one product.

Make your brand shine with true sustainability and functionality
– Nissha ecosense molding


Secondary packaging and trays

Discover unparalleled rigidity and precision in our innovative product designed for superior secondary packaging. Our Pulp-Injection trays offer thin walls that not only enhance protective features, preventing false activation of injection devices, but also minimize the total packaging volume. Experience the flexibility of our design, seamlessly fitting into conventional plastic tray assembly lines without the need for extra investment. Elevate your packaging standards with our commitment to thin, yet robust, solutions.

Application examples
Autoinjector tray
Ampoule case
Blister tray
Mechanical components

Pulp-Injection cap

Plastic cap

Self injection device

Application examples
Caps and enclosures
Closures with threads

Mechanical components

Experience design excellence with Pulp-Injection, where unique material properties and advanced injection molding create intricate features like thin walls, ribs, undercut designs, and logo embossing/debossing. Redefining sustainability, Pulp-Injection offers a pulp-based alternative to plastic components. Elevate your products with innovative design and eco-conscious choices.

Added value

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From consulting to mass production

First we develop several design alternatives that offer maximum production efficiency based on your requirements. The packaging design that is selected is used for individually aligning the test injection moulding tool and creating samples. Once you have checked and approved the results, the products are mass-produced in central Germany or Japan.

Pulp-Injection production phases
  1. Process selection and feasibility study for production
  2. Molding tool making for prototyping and making prototype samples (if required)
  3. Molding tool making for manufacturing
  4. Tool and process optimization for manufacturing
  5. Mass production