About us

Nissha Europe GmbH

Nissha Europe GmbH is responsible for the marketing and sales of products and services in the European area.
Nissha provides sustainable packaging and products with Nissha ecosense brand as well as many kinds of decoration technology solutions such as heat transfer foil and insert film.

Incorporation 2005
Ownership Nissha Co., Ltd. (100%)
Location Frankfurter Straße 63-69, 4. OG., 65760 Eschborn, Germany
Contact T +49 6196 96731 0

Nissha Advanced Technologies

The Nissha Advanced Technologies Europe Group is engaged in the production and sales of decorative films and molded parts for mobility interiors and exteriors, as well as environmentally friendly sustainable molded products.

We manufacture plastic molded parts for mobility interiors and exteriors. Based on our strong customer base, particularly with major European automakers, we offer new injection molded products with a variety of surface decorations, as well as with various functions such as touch sensors, heaters, and hidden til-lit displays.
Sustainable molded products using plant-based materials for pharmaceutical packages and other primary and secondary packaging applications are also our main product categories.

To expand our production capacity in response to the growing need for reduction of environmental impact, our new factory for sustainable molded products has come into operation in 2023. We are aiming at further expansion of our business scope to other markets such as cosmetic and food packaging.

Incorporation 1995
Ownership Nissha Europe GmbH (100%)
Location Lauchaer Höhe 13, 99880 Waltershausen, Thüringen, Germany
Contact T +49 3622 4010-0

Global network

Nissha Co., Ltd.

Nissha Co., Ltd. was founded in 1929 in Kyoto, Japan. As of 2023, Nissha Group has 48 bases around the world with three key business units – Industrial Material, Device ,and Medical Technologies.
Nissha offers one-stop solution from full production and local customer support with our global network.

Nissha Europe GmbH is the European Headquarters for sales and marketing mainly for automotive and sustainable packaging products. With our local production capabilities in Nissha Advanced Technologies in Germany, we offer the best support to European customers.