Sustainable Biopackaging For Food Sector

Containers made of bio-based materials - compostable without any traces of microplastics

Sustainable biopackaging
for dry and oily food – where nature meets functionality

Packaging for foods takes an important role not only in functional protection of food but also for delivering visible messages for consumers.

Our Sulapac® jars can offer good protection for dry and oily food while delivering your brand message with its natural look. It’s time for both brands and consumers to make a smart choice for substantial benefit for our sustainable future.

Make your brand shine with our Sulapac® jars where functionality meets sustainability.


Jars and Closures for dry foods made of Sulapac®

Sulapac® is made of bio-based composites obtained from sustainably sourced materials. By choosing suitable material for your brand, the jars itself gives natural and luxurious look.

The material is food contact safety for dry and oily food and industrial compost certified.
Our jars biodegrade without leaving any permanent microplastic, while keeping more than 2 years product shelf life under general environmental conditions.

We offer several standard jar sizes with various materials and colour choices.
Our sales team is happy to support you to choose the right product as well as custom-designed product.

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Added value

Added Values of Sulapac jars for food

  • Food Contact Safety

    Food Contact Safety

    Safe in contact with dry and fatty food based on Regulation (EU) 10/2011 in EU Framework Regulation(EU) 1935/2004.

  • Industrial Compost

    Industrial Compost

    Industrial compost EN 13432 certified

  • No permanent microplastic left behind

    No permanent microplastic left behind

    Sulapac® is completely biodegraded in soil and sea without leaving microplastic behind. Products returns to organic recycling system in nature.

  • Low carbon footprint

    Low carbon footprint

    Sulapac® materials are made of bio-based materials. Carbon footprint is lower by up to 90% compared to fossil-based platic *1

    *1 comparison between Sulapac® Universal and fossil-based PP (Cradle-to-gate)

  • Natural and Luxurious look

    Natural and Luxurious look

    The unique material composition gives natural and luxurious look and feel.

Compost process image

Compost process image


One-stop solution from product design to logo printing

Our standard jars sizes are 7ml, 9ml, 50ml, 60ml, 133ml, 150ml, and 200ml with the choice of several different Sulapac® materials and 9 standard colours.
All jars are generally suitable for oil-based and dry cosmetics such as lip balm and hair wax, while 50ml and 60ml jars are suitable for both oil and water-based cosmetics such as face cream, powder and gels.
Our sales team is happy to discuss with you to choose the right combination to fulfill your wish in product quality, delivery time and price.
We also provide custom-made products made of Sulapac® based on our customers' request. Let us find the best solution for your products, from product design to manufacturing.

For dry and oily fillings

  • 7ml

    φ30.6 × H 24.5(mm)

  • 9ml

    φ39 × H 20.8(mm)

  • 50ml

    φ65.5 × H 34.1(mm)

  • 133ml

    φ66.2 × H 57(mm)

  • 150ml

    φ66.2 × H 62.2(mm)

  • 200ml

    φ73 × H 75.6(mm)

For water-based fillings

  • 50ml
    Double layerMinimalistic design

    φ53 × H 45(mm)

  • 60ml
    Double layer

    φ64.9 × H 39.5(mm)