New 50ml Sulapac cosmetic jar samples are ready!

New 50ml Sulapac cosmetic jar samples are ready!

Less is even Better– especially for nature

Following this motto, we developed a new 50ml jar for cosmetic packaging made of biobased and compostable Sulapac® material. To further increase the sustainability of our packaging, the jar was specially designed following a 'Minimalistic design' concept with minimum material usage.
We have been offering a 60ml jar as a water-resistant option, but as it is produced in Japan, it has been challenging for our European customers to use it. Therefore, we embarked on the development of a new 50ml jar that would be produced in Europe. Soon, the full production of this brand new 50ml version is going to be ready in our German factory, Nissha Advanced Technology GmbH

Diverse like nature

We offer various colour and material options for the new 50ml cosmetic jar with different biocomposite materials inside such as wood chips and natural mineral clay.
The natural look of the jar with wood chips mirrors the message of natural cosmetic inside, while natural mineral clay gives off a more luxurious impression to consumers. Thanks to the bi-injection molding, it is suitable not only for dry or oily food and cosmetics but also water-based emulsions.

Natural elements for all of us

To deliver our microplastic-free sustainable packaging solutions for a wider audience, we developed our closure with 51mm standard glass thread. Now, even glass jar users can simply replace their current Bakelite, ABS or metal closures. We aim to adapt this solution to other standard sizes of closures upon customer requests.

We look forward to sharing further updates with our customers and continue development of environmentally friendly packaging solutions.
Stay tuned for more information about the availability of our new 50ml Sulapac jars in our cosmetics packaging line.

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